Rednut has established the standard laboratory and assembly workshop, and we are involved in continual research and development which helps us provide practical guarantee for meeting the product demand of different customers. We regard product quality and customer service as the lifeline of enterprise development, and constantly improve the performance of products, enrich product types, improve the quality of after-sales service to ease customers concerns during the process.

Rednut was founded in 2017, when having dealings with the aerosol industry, Jason and Thomas, the founding partners of Rednut and directors of their own respective companies, found a lack of enthusiasm and slow response rate to new samples and formulations. They decided that this needed to change.Focusing on timeous turnaround of samples has helped prospective customers get their ideas canned and labeled at a rapid pace.Being a dynamic duo, partnering with respected suppliers has been easy. Thomas’s other respective company specializes in a range of disciplines which boast a full tool room, plastic injection, metal pressing, textile industry and full art department, offering all prospective Rednut customers a full house service.

Jason, being involved in sales and marketing in one of South Africa’s leading security supply companies for over 30 years, brings expertise to understanding a customer’s requirements. Together they are confident that they can bring their excitement and expertise to the aerosol canning industry.

If we don’t have it we’ll manufacture it because we CAN. Including house brand labels or private customized labels, speak to our art department!



  • Pepper Spray (100ml, 60ml, 40ml, 20ml)
  • Pepper Ease
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Vehicle Alarms
  • Pepper Air Ease

Pepper Spray

sports and Recreation

  • Gun Stuff: Cleans and Lubricates
  • Gun Stuff: Foam Bore Cleaner
  • Fish Stuff Bait Enhancers
  • Fish Stuff Real Lube
  • Insect Repellent
  • Sunblock


  • Boot Stuff
  • Greaser Guard
  • Hand Sanitiser
  • Foaming Hand Wash
  • Furniture Stuff


  • Air Con Stuff
  • Waterless Car Cleaner
  • Car Shampoo
  • Air Freshener

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